Place for Discogs' new "Songs"/"Tracks" pages

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This year, Discogs implemented a new feature called “Songs” or “Tracks”. Each song on an artist’s album is now clickable and has its own page where one can see how many times it appears in an artist’s discography, who wrote it and who covered it (provided their credits are properly added to the album pages).

The URL seems to make it clear that these are “Compositions” (or “Works”) pages rather than simple “Recordings” pages. So it would be nice if MusicBrainz would implement an option in the Works drop-down relationship boxes where these new Discogs pages can be linked.

Take for example this famous Metallica song:

The new feature is explained here:


It is Discogs twin feature of MusicBrainz work. It will be possible to link MusicBrainz work to Discogs composition after the upcoming server update, see MBS-9873.


That’s great! Thanks a lot!

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