Place credited as?

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You all convinced me of the value of artist credited as, so now I’m wondering why there isn’t place credited as. I’ve certainly noticed when entering e.g., recording locations that it’s often hard to be completely sure I’ve picked the correct place, especially with how many different ways the same place can be referred to. And even when the places still exist and you can find their web sites, it’s not like they confirm what was recordered there.

I couldn’t find anything on JIRA requesting it, so have I just missed some obvious reason not to have “place credited as”?


Lookup-wise, aliases help. But yes, I have also occasionally needed/wanted credited-as possibilities for places.
Feel free to create a ticket for it :slight_smile:


Are there any places where places are used outside of a relationship?

Not that I can think of.

I thought I submitted a ticket for this not too long ago, but maybe I just thought about. I’ll look as soon as I can.

If you open a ticket, please clarify exactly in what way relationship credits don’t solve what you are attempting. As of now, it seems clearly invalid to me.

Actually, I think what I wanted was for aliases to be used based on time frames. For instance, the former World Theater becoming the Fitzgerald Theater in St Paul. It should be World Theater on older material. But a “credited as” field would get the job done, especially if you don’t know specific dates of a name change.


Relationship credits don’t exist for places, that’s the entirety of the problem (or well, I’d assume that’s where people want to credit them, since that’s the only place we use them).


Added for this


excuse me for bumping this, but what if you merge places formerly kept apart intentionally (that were known by different names over time, and aliases weren’t available before). do relationships under each of those previous names keep them after the merge? there isn’t a checkbox like “Update matching place and relationship credits” to assure you of the outcome as you have with artist merges, and it would be really bad if all existing relationships were updated to show only the target name (current place name).

eg, these four are the same:
Barbra Streisand Scoring Stage
Sony Pictures Studios Scoring Stage
Lorimar Music Scoring
MGM Music Scoring Stage

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That sounds like grounds for a JIRA ticket.

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I added for a similar issue with artist renames. I have never tested place merge credits and whether they stick though. Once is up, we should test it. Or maybe @yvanzo or @bitmap know for sure :slight_smile:



This checkbox is for artist credits in other fields than relationships: release group artist, release artist, track artist, and recording artist. On the contrary, places are only credited in relationships.


For artists, it’s supposed to be for both, hence the “Update matching artist and relationship credits to use the new artist’s name” wording :slight_smile:


thks for the first answer; still, i believe the user interface/option in the edit should be improved to assure the editor what’s going to happen to those other names. while i can’t think of a case, there might be an occasion for sources being merged to have any relationships updated to the target name.

for the second part, true, the option for artists covers both credits and relationships, but i only meant to give an idea for a similar option for relationships in place merge edits.

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When a duplicate place was created with a typo error. :slight_smile:


I extended improvement request MBS-9390 to other entity types, places included.