Picard script to consolidate multiple sequential catalog numbers (KDSD-10012, KDSD-10013) into one (KDSD-10012~3)?

VGMDB uses this format of catalog numbers, which I prefer. Is this possible with Picard scripting?

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I made the same change one time but I was told that was not the preferred way to handle sequential catalog numbers: Edit #107177337 - MusicBrainz

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I’m not talking about Musicbrainz, I’m aware that separate catalog numbers is the preferred way. I’m wondering if there’s a script I can run in Picard to achieve the effect. I think the VGMDB script I have to add new releases has a function to do the exact opposite (split VGMDB’s catalog numbers to fit MB’s preferred style) but I dunno how to translate that into Picard’s scripting.