Photos for artists

Is there a way to upload photos for artists? I feel like the page is kind of empty and boring without them, if the problem is related to storage maybe you could host the images on the Internet Archive and link them to the website (I know you do that with certain stuff).

Also, is there a Brainz for movies/TV shows? Because that’s the only thing I can’t find a FLOSS alternative, I got Open Library for Books and MusicBrainz for music but there’s no alternative to Letterboxd.

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Have a look at Recent lawsuit and why we no longer have Wikimedia Commons images and the referenced blog post.


You might want to look at this topic:

You can also search for “moviebrainz” and “videobrainz” on the forum to find a few smaller related topics.

PS. For future reference, if you have two separate, unrelated questions, please make two separate, unrelated topics for asking them. :slight_smile: