Photographied cover art on Bandcamp etc

The actual cover art is , but the one most people would want is the one included on the right of it. Even clearer cases are the ones where the “cover” is a picture of the vinyl (although that sometimes would need perspective correction). Should we cut these out instead of using the “original” cover art?


this is a tricky one. i think adding both would be appropriate, personally. one to represent the (strange) way it’s uploaded on bandcamp, and one cropped to only include the intended coverart for this digital release. i’d probably make the cropped version the ‘primary’ coverart, too.

that’s just me though, i don’t know if anyone will agree with me.


Did the label just upload the wrong image? The digital release (Release “Somethin Bout U / Workout VIP” by Missen / MSDos - MusicBrainz) looks like it only includes the two tracks described in the cover at the right side of the image. I don’t see any mention of the tracks from the left side (Okee - Orchaori Orkundi and Missen - Tonight) in the description.

The vinyl is a double pack. But obviously my point applies to countless other releases, too, like DJ Flash / Chippie - Vagabond / Big Grey Wolf VIP | DJ Flash / Chippie | Violet Nights Recordings


I think I see that image on Bandcamp as being more of a promotional image than actual cover art. For the vinyl double-pack, I’d expect scans of the sleeves. For the digital release, I’d expect a cover corresponding to the two songs that you’re actually getting.

The DJ Flash / Chippie release seems less clear to me, since the image seems to at least correspond to the music that’s included in the digital release. As a user of MB data, I’d definitely find an image like to be more useful, though.

Hmm, I would not change stuff like this, this is the cover that it comes with. Even if it sucks (I’m not debating that!)

What I would do in this case, is add the vinyl release, attach the cleaner cover to that, and make that the ‘release group’ cover. Then people (me included) can use it to tag with.


Those examples aren’t that bad. Some labels just smack a vinyl on the table, take a picture of that and upload this to their bandcamp page. When you buy the digital release, that is the “cover art” that comes embedded in it :laughing:. Personally, I adore these telltale signs of small labels run by dedicated amateurs.

But I understand that is not everyone’s cup of tea, so I am with aerozol on this one. Don’t contaminate the database by uploading a different cover. And if the ugly art bothers you, add the physical medium and tag with the release group cover. Or just drag your personal artwork into Picard.