Phone screen vs Mahler's work pages

Just tried to find Mahler’s 6th symphony by scrolling through his works pages.
On a 5" screen I got lost.

Whilst the long lists of performers are an impressive display of data, they also are an obstacle to navigating the encyclopedia on a phone.

edit: This being the internet an’ all, I’ll just add that my emotional response to this was a mixture of very very mild frustration, thrill with the amount of data existing for individual Mahler symphonies and very mild concern about the usability of MusicBrainz on mobile phones. All in all I think this is a good problem to have. And to know now that it is a problem (well at least the way I use my phone).


I find work lists (and recording lists and other artist page lists) hard to navigate on a desktop too. There is simply too much dumped on the screen without any structure, and the page numbers don’t tell you where you are in the alphabet, so you have to guess where you have to be and then still click through lots of pages to get to something you want.

See MBS-2637 for example.

I always use the Relationships page to check works for a composer. It avoids all the extra fluff, and it also is one-page so you can see all the works at once.


But what would be nice is an option on the ‘works’ page to show only top-level works plus an ability to sort/access by keys such as name, op no. etc. , as well as to hide the artist column that can create a lot of “fluff” :smile:

Yup! One of the reasons I wanted a better structure of works is to be able to do this better, and I’m still hoping we get there eventually :slight_smile: (although since there’s a big UX review of the whole site in the plans, it might be the works page changes in ways I can’t predict just yet)