Pgadmin3 error - FATAL: role "musicbrainz" does not exist

I have some issue in running pgadmin3 and connecting musicbrainz server in the Windows 7. I am looking for some helps from here.

I installed virtual box and could access musicbrainz database in Ubuntu. However, I was looking for GUI so I also installed pgadmin3 in Windows 7.

Using pgadmin, when I connect to localhost(port 5432), it says:
FATAL: role “musicbrainz” does not exist

If I connect to port 2222, it says:
SSL error: unknown protocol expected authentication request from server, but received S

I think I have set postgresql.conf & pg_hba.conf properly because when I did the every same thing in the Mac OS X, I could access munsicbrainz_db using pgadmin, which is installed in Mac OS X.

Can you share how I can address error - FATAL: role “musicbrainz” does not exist?

My current NAT setting in Virtual box are following:


I don’t have an answer to your question, but feel like you could help me with my problem. I have been trying to access the database on my Mac with a GUI, but failed so far. You mention that you made it work on your Mac. Could you maybe guide me through the steps you took to make it work? Thanks.

More info on my problem in this post: Help extracting data from database (for academic research)