Person, alias or character: The Jackie Lynn Case

Basically Jackie Lynn is more a character than a person as far I understand, so not really an alias of Haley Fohr

According to :

“Jackie Lynn is the fictional alter ego of singer/songwriter Haley Fohr who is also known for her indie folk project Circuit des Yeux. The debut told the story of Jackie’s (of course fictional) life to date. With Jacqueline, Jackie Lynn returns and her continuing story is brought to us by Fohr, Cooper Crain, Rob Frye and Dan Quinlivan of Bitchin Bajas.”

Birth date & place currently set for Jackie Lynn are those of the fictional character, not those of Haley Fohr.

Last album, Jacqueline, looks like more a collaborative project to me (under the name Jackie Lynn)

So, should be Jackie Lynn a character rather than a person in MB database?


Plenty of musicians perform using a stage name which is set as a person. I also see those with faked dates of birth as part of that alter ego. It is a grey area.

it is a character.

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They seem to be confused themselves.


Jackie Lynn are pleased to announce they have signed to Drag City and will be releasing their sophomore album Jacqueline on April 10th. Along with the announcement, the band have shared the album’s first single, the driving and hypnotic opening song “Casino Queen,” which is accompanied by a video directed by Krzys Piotrowski and the band’s Haley Fohr.

From Facebook,

An American Band

So this suggests Haley Fohr is a member of Jackie Lynn, which is not one of the 3 answers you proposed.

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But in fairness:

  1. there’s a segment of the population that calls themselves ‘they’
  2. this would not be the first time that a band is named after one person


I went with Character because it encompasses multiple albums. Had it been one album, we could say that it was not a character or alias, but is a ‘biographical album’.