Permissible Other Databases Relationship Type

I have some questions about the Other Databases relationship types.

Background: I recently created an event, Prom 1: First Night of the Proms - MusicBrainz. I was attempting to link to the event’s official page (, expecting to add a link of the type Event-URL / Official homepage. However, I noticed that the link was set to “Type: other databases”, with a note to check this against the whitelist. I did so but don’t see any reference to a database hosted by the BBC. I also don’t see one documented in Event-URL relationship types - MusicBrainz. I can’t see how to change the type back to ‘Official homepage’. I added the link anyway but I can undo it if necessary.

Is it impermissible to link events to*? I suspect that this would preclude listing official homepages for a large number of events.

Is there a reference for which URLs get forced to type other database?

It looks like the use of “other databases” here is deliberate; see these tickets:

@reosarevok can probably say more.

I think that the big JavaScript file that does all of the work is here, and the BBC Events section is here.

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It is intentional, yes. The Proms site is basically a huge database of all their Proms concerts anyway, and the databases option just fits. An official homepage would mean a separate website for the event in question (something such as, and even that would be only the case for the main Proms umbrella event if any), which these are not.

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Ok, so it sounds like I did the right thing.

Is this poorly documented or was I just confused?