Performers are only known collectively for a set of recordings


Occasionally I have the situation that the booklet lists the performers only collectively for a set of tracks. How should I add that info to the relationships? I’m talking about cases where the affected set of tracks is not the full release (so release-relationships are no option) and where I cannot find a secondary, more detailed source of information.
Adding all performers to all the associated recordings would result in over-crediting.


  • Track 1–16 on this release. It’s pretty clear that not all performers listed in the left column of the back cover perform in all the tracks.
  • Track 1– 10 on this release, see left column of this page of the booklet. For the singers, I sorted out the situation by listening, but for the rest this is no way.


I would probably just add them to the release level and specify in the annotation what tracks they might (or might not) be in. If we eventually get track/recording grouping we can improve that later.


Thank you. I think I’m leaning more into the direction to just all performers to all the recordings and annotate the recordings with a pointer to the the source of information and the remark the real set of performers probably is a subset of the stated ones.

That sounds fantastic. Any details? Is there a ticket for it?