Patreon MP3s: Singles, Standalone Recordings, or Other?

hey! usual disclaimer that im bad at wording and im bad at understanding, i tried to get my answer through other threads but im having trouble applying it in this case.

an artist i follow uploads to patreon very frequently, and i currently count 150 tracks of his posted on patreon. some of these have been released publicly, but most have very little if any hope of ever being “official” releases. i know standalone recordings would be the safest bet, but honestly, i don’t like them and want to have as few as possible while still being reasonable.

i was wondering y’all’s thoughts on this, what your criteria might be for a “single” in this situation, etc. a lot of them are demos, so using the secondary “demo” type for those might be something to consider. and as far as the “other” primary type as a possibility, or just leaving it blank, i don’t have any experience with that. so i figured it’d be best to get other opinions before i jumped in doing weird stuff that i’d have to fix later, lol. and if you guys think it’s best to just do standalone recordings, that’s okay too and i’d obviously be happy to add those.

if i had it my way i’d have them sorted like in my collection with one insanely long multi-disc release but i know that’s not allowed lol


I just uploaded all the Patreon tracks that I get as releases (one artist hehe) because I wanted to tag em with dates. No-ones said anything but I also don’t know how many eyes have been on it.

Some turned into official singles later, with those it’s cool to look at the release group and see how and when the track was promo’d and then released.

Those that never got a official release are hidden from the default artist view by (as there is no official release type, just promo, in the group).

Anyway, if I had to do it again I would do it the same way. I would add them :+1:

Single+ promo is accurate imo.


thank you so much! i’ve decided to take this approach and i’m very happy with it so far :smiley: now to add about 140 more songs lol

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back here again! ive been working my way through these patreon releases and i was wondering, what (if any) relationship is appropriate for patreon links? is “purchase for download” accurate? it could probably be considered a “streaming page” as well, since you pay a “subscription” to access it. ive only added the relationships to a couple releases because i don’t want to make pain for myself by having to go back and change/remove these relationships hahah. but what are everyone’s thoughts? here are examples

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I’m not that familiar with how Patreon releases work, but that sounds reasonable to me. If they can be streamed on Patreon, I also don’t see any issue with the Streaming Page relationship either.