Parentheses and Brackets on multiple version title

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I have been collecting digital music for a long time now and I have just used Picard in a few months to rename my files. I usually follow the guidelines of renaming title tracks using parentheses and brackets such as stated in:

3.21. Multiple Version References of

Multiple Version References. Content that requires multiple explanatory references in the title (for example, live EPs, soundtracks, live albums, and so on), must have the first explanatory reference enclosed in parentheses (”( )”) with any additional references enclosed in brackets (”[ ]”).

In my cancelled edit I met this problem

Would it be possible for MB to adopt the common practice of release title as stated above, or just stick on just using parentheses in the multiple version titles?

I don’t think your edit is covered by the apple-guide you quoted anyway.

Habits (Stay High) (Oliver Nelson remix)

(saty high) is part of the title while (Oliver Nelson remix) is the only extra title information here, so no need for brackets anyway.

It would be different for an instrumental version of that remix, though as discussed here that would probably be:

Habits (Stay High) (Oliver Nelson remix) (instrumental)

on MusicBrainz, while the apple guidelines would make that

Habits (Stay High) (Oliver Nelson remix) [instrumental]

Ok, I was just confused of the use of parentheses. So it would also be okay to use title such as these John Legend - All of Me (Tiësto’s Birthday Treatment Remix) [Radio Edit]?

I see no reason to apply different styling to the first set of parenthetical information and the rest. Why would “All of Me (Tiësto’s Birthday Treatment remix) [radio edit]” be any better than the currently suggested “All of Me (Tiësto’s Birthday Treatment remix) (radio edit)”?

Unless someone can give me a very good reason to change this guideline, it’ll stay like it is :slight_smile: