Questions about parentheses

So I read the style guidelines and especially the “extra title information” part, but I still have some questions just to be sure I’m doing it right.

  1. If the remix has it’s own title then the title follows the same capitalization rules as the title of the song even though it’s part of the extra title information, right? So “You Know My Steez (Three Men and a Lady remix)” is correct, right?
  2. If the song title already contains parentheses then the extra title information comes in additional parentheses, right? So eg. “I Love You (Because I Do) (remix)”?
  3. But what if there are multiple independent extra title informations? E.g. if it’s an instrumental version of a remix? Do they come into the same bracket or in separate ones? Is there a rank which information comes first? So, which of these would be correct:
    • Song (remix) (instrumental)
    • Song (instrumental) (remix)
    • Song (remix instrumental)
    • Song (instrumental remix)

I would just follow the order on the tracklist, and probably also the way it’s printed. So if it’s printed as “Song Remix (instrumental)” I’d have “Song (remix) (instrumental)” while for “Song - instrumental remix” I’d have “Song (instrumental remix)”.


What if the tracklist doesn’t say neither “remix” nor “instrumental”?

E.g. this:

is an instrumental version of Cookin’ soul’s album which contains remixes of NaS’ “Illmatic”.
It doesn’t contain any extra title info except for the skits.
Also in this case the download site (Bandcamp) actually lists the songs under different titles:

So e.g. “Life II” instead of “Life’s a Bitch” - or instead of e.g. “Life’s a Bitch (Cookin’ Soul remix) (instrumental)”.

Then I would only list what the release has - we generally try to follow what’s printed :slight_smile:


Oh okay, got it. So any additional info that is not in the title as printed on the medium should not be added to the title but just as a relationship.

Then I just have two more questions:
Why is the no relationship “is an instrumental version of” or what should be used instead?
And how do I unlink recordings from different releases of the same group, so they can display different credits? Cause it doesn’t make much sense to display vocal credits for instrumental versions right?

Right now we only have asking for it - might eventually add it though :slight_smile:

An instrumental recording and a vocal recording should be different. If they’re currently shared, you can re-assign them by editing the release, from the Recordings tab - if you want to create a new recording, just click Edit by the appropriate track-recording pair and select new recording.


Perfect, thanks. Done. :slight_smile:

Sorry for being picky about it, but you still went with the original titles instead of the new ones he chose for instrumental versions. IMHO it should be as the artist intended, so that the original track is named “The World Is Yours” but its instrumental version goes by “The World Is Mine”.

Also, something to ponder on: “Keepin It Real (skit)” and “Abstract (skit)”. Is it possible for an instrumental version of a skit/diss to still remain a skit/diss if there’s no dissing present anymore? ;D

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All I did was unlink the recordings. I didn’t touch the titles of the instrumental versions (yet). I guess I’ll do it once my edit is accepted (EDIT: Late, but now I did it).

About the thing to ponder on: I don’t know why you equate a skit with a diss and if I had to choose an extra title information for an instrumental version of a skit I’d probably choose interlude, but since in this case the instrumental titles have no extra info anyway we don’t have to add any I’d say. Btw instrumental skits exist too - e.g.: DJ Premier’s “Visions (skit)” on Afu-Ra’s “Body of the Life Force”.

fun fact

There is also something called “skitstrumental”
At least according to the booklet of Prince Paul’s Instrumental album. He describes it as “a combination of psychosis with music”

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See, I’ve learnt something new today :smiley: I’ve always treated skits as those kind of comedic interruptions, but it never ocurred to me they can go without any vocals/commentary.

Exactly. But sometimes it can make sense to add such info to the disambiguation comment, especially if there are many recordings with exactly the same name. Makes it easier for other editors to see what recording to choose or not to choose.

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