Parental advisor 'stickers'

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When the “Parental Advisor” label is on an album - do we include it with the artwork:

  1. When it is a sticker on the (CD) case but not part of the actual Artwork.
  2. When it is a stick on the plastic wrapper, not even on the case.
  3. When it is a digital release and is not a sticker at all, but is included on the artwork as if it was a sticker.
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1 and 2\ I have see a scan of both uploaded. It is just a sticker. Usually the selected cover will be of the actual CD booklet shown without the sticker. But I believe both would be a “correct” front.

Basically I just treat it like any other sticker - an optional extra, with the main front cover not showing the sticker.

3\ If the digital release image includes the text as part of its cover, then it is going to be the cover. But interesting to know what happens with digital release for multiple countries as I assume there will be territories who would not bother with the “parental guidance” in their webshops leading to two alternate digital covers.

I have also seen many CD booklets to include the “parental guidance” as part of the booklet image meaning it is not optional. In these cases it is easier to upload different images for the different release countries as in CD land this is enough of a difference for a new Release.

The thing to remember is MB is about identifying a release. And that sticker is part of the release and important for identification purposes.


Adding on to @ivandobsky’s point about identification: with any part of the packaging that is frequently lost or discarded - including stickers on the wrapping, obis, outer sleeves, etc. - it’s ideal to have cover art both “with” and “without”, so I can identify that my release matches release X even if I no longer have the outer packaging (or never had it, if I bought my release used).