Pandora links not recognised?

I added a link to a Pandora artist entry (which I remember hearing is powered by Rovi, hence the similarities to AllMusic summaries) and I noticed that there is no icon for the pandora links. Should I use a link different type other than “stream for free” to make the icon appear? I also realise “streaming” is a bit imprecise with Pandora, ass it doesn’t play exactly what you select at first, so even if it does not add an icon, what would be the appropriate type?

Example of a pandora link:

You should file an MBS ticket about the missing lack of support for Pandora. :slight_smile:

Pandora is an annoying case, because:

We are deeply, deeply sorry to say that due to licensing constraints, we can no longer allow access to Pandora for listeners located outside of the U.S., Australia and New Zealand

Does it make sense to link to such heavily region-locked content in an international DB? I’m not sure what the right relationship would be if it does, since, well, I can’t see the site :smiley:


I’d say yes. Exactly because we’re an international site, so let’s not assume where people are or aren’t from. If people from USA, Australia, and New Zealand visit MB, then they can have the links.

And also, it is one more URL “id” that can be mapped to MusicBrainz IDs this way, bringing MB closer to become a “rosetta stone” for music APIs (as discussed in Echo Nest, Spotify, and the Rosetta api).

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If it uses data from Rovi, as the first post in this thread suggests, we already have the mapping (via AllMusic).

No you don’t; there’s no mapping between the Pandora and AllMusic pages: