Packaging type for jewel case in cardboard sleeve

I’ve just added, which as you may be able to see on the Amazon cover art has a standard jewel case in a cardboard sleeve with holes cut into it. This isn’t ‘optional’ in any way as it had the release title etc. on rather than the liner inside the jewel case.

I’ve chosen ‘jewel case’ as the packaging type and mentioned the cardboard sleeve in the annotation, but is there a more appropriate packaging type I could use?


What I do is:

And please upvote:


Another way is to set outermost packaging (cardboard sleeve) instead of Other.


IIUYC, the closest we have is Slidepack but such sleeves our packaging list is missing are really called O-Card and Slipcase. Nice descriptions there.


Thanks both. As none of the existing types match it perfectly, I’ve gone with @jesus2099’s suggestions, and have also upvoted the feature request.


Maybe we shouldn’t be too specific.
We already have cardboard sleeve, whatever the amount of open sides is.
What is missing is to be able to say that we have this, this and that packaging.

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