Packaging multiple choice

I have a few box sets. Some consist of multiple jewel cases, others of fatboxes, and still others of individual paper/card sleeves. But in all cases, those packages are contained in a cardboard box.

I think it would make sense if the user could select multiple options in the “Packaging” field. What do you think?


I second this, maybe even allow to chose the same package multiple times? i.e. three jewel cases in a slipcover or something…

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This sounds more like it needs a packaging per media, so you get the option to select a packaging for the media (next to the format).

So you could have let’s say jewel case set as the packaging for each medium, and box set set as the packaging for the entire release, or something similar.


I have always seen the current setting as “what is on the outside that you see first?”

Agree it would be good to be able to list the parts inside. I drop that into the annotation for now. Also noting how many pages in the book would be neat.

Packaging per media would still miss the larger books, posters, and misc extras you’d find in a fancy boxset outside of the CD cases.


The choice is between setting the outermost packaging (slipcase), like Ivan says (which I now prefer for its simplicity), or all of them, requiring a new multiple packaging feature:


Agree with you. Keep the simple - External Package that we have now. What we see on the shelf.

Add “Inside the box” - which would be a separate item to allow listing the contents.

And bonus points would be if there is a method to link to the scanned images…

Sometimes it is really useful to know what is inside the box, or how big the booklet is, as this can separate some editions.


Per medium might get tricky - a fatbox could contain 1-4 (possibly even 6?) CDs, for example. Perhaps more a hierarchy of packaging with mediums assignable to exactly one “leaf”, with some constraint on the number of mediums per item (e.g. 1 for cardboard sleeve, 2 for jewel case, 6 for fatbox, that sort of thing)?