Packaging, is it Release or medium

Is Packaging for the medium or the release.

Examples of same medium packaging within the “box” .

Example1, Original Album Classics, Original Album Series, etc.
A cardboard box containing 5 CDs each in its own cardboard sleeve, barcode on the box only.

Example2, The Turtles - The Complete Original Album Collection
A cardboard box containing 5 CDs each in its own cardboard sleeve, barcode on box and different barcode on each sleeve (In this case the individual CD sleeve releases took over a year to be released).

Example3: Crossroads, Bear Family Jerry Lee Lewis, and others.
A cardboard box containing 3+ CD jewel cases, Barcode on the box only.

Example3: Some TimeLife series, Some jazz and blues, and others.
A cardboard box containing 3+ CD jewel cases, Barcode on box and different barcode on each jewel case.

Then there is:

The Beach Boys Pet Sessions,
A cardboard box containing 3 jewel cases, 1 cardboard sleeve, and a book.

Grateful Dead - So Many Roads (1965-1995)
A bound book of cardboard sleeves slid inside a cardboard box case.

I suspect “Other” for all but the Grateful Dead - So Many Roads, but I think there is a case to be made for cardboard sleeve and jewel case on some of the others to show how the medium is packaged.


Especially for box sets it would be nice we could set the package type per package item, grouped medium and relate/link them to the matching cover art. As an example:

CD 1: Jewel Case 1
CD 2+3: Jewel Case 2
CD 4: Jewel Case 3
CD 5: Gatefold 4

Longbox contains:
double sided poster
guitar pick
key-chain with bottle opener
temporary tattoo

And it would be nice to have some more package types or the possibility to combine them.

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Ticket MBS-4450 for a better support of box set is one of the most voted tickets for schema change. Moreover, there has been a very popular style discussion about box set last year. Therefore, it is very likely to be part of the next schema change release scheduled for May 2018.


The links you provided have fantastic discussions. Two years ago before I got my account I followed the “boxset” discussions until I formed a huge headache and had to stop. I will go back to each of these and respond to them. You can never have too much data, and should never throw away valid data.

While not using MusicBrainz, I had been following its progression for at least 10 years now. I never liked the first schema as it appeared to be recording biased and I am album biased. The second schema was a fantastic improvement so several years ago I started to write Perl fetch scripts to capture data using the barcode and discid.

I rip once (full album with cue) keeping all log files from EAC, CUETools , and a old library tool, then the CD(s) go to storage after I scan the barcode(s) and get catalog(s) off them. I wrote Perl scripts to analyze and crosscheck the validity of all my data including the TOC, so I accurately create the MusicBrainz discid to use for searching when the barcode is not present in the database. I am dyslexic so I have to use as much automatic processing as I can to ensure that data is accurate.

I am in the first phase of matching my albums/data to MusicBrainz, where the barcode and discid match I use that releaseID (later on I may need to create a new release due to different country, but that is a later check). If discid matches I look very closely at all the data on the page to decide if I add a barcode (and maybe catalog/label) or create a new release based on the releaseID of the discid. So far in the last 2 days I have added 100 new releases and only edited a few releases for the barcode, 300+ nonbarcode releases with discid still to go, then the no barcode no discid ones which have releases to base the new release off. This may seem a backwards process with respect to Picard, but my Cds are in climate controlled storage and will only come out for the second phase and a cold winter that keeps me inside. I have releaseID to discid matchups for everything I have created plus a lot that is missing from the database already (plus the ISRCs that go with them if they exist), that is a later discussion as I am not going to put all those CDs back in to let Picard or upload the data, of course a hack to may do the trick also, but a simple sql “add discid where releaseID=xxxx” would be less painful and automatic.

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Thanks, that looks great, but I will wait for what the new scheme provides, plus I need to pull the albums out of storage to annotate the packages correctly.