Package type: box, fatbox, or other?

I have a question about a packaging of release:
This release have a box?, which holds photo book, and a fatbox
The entire structure is like this: the box having a photo book and the fatbox.
The fatbox is having a booklet, liner notes, CD, DVD, and tray paper.

If the outmost is considered as a box, I think this should be a box.
But, if the outmost be considered as a slipcase, I think this should be a fatbox, or others.
As the outmost is holding multiple items (photo book and fatbox), I think the box is the best, but not sure…
How do you think?

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I would go with Box for that, since it’s the outermost packaging (although I’m not sure if that plastic case is actually a Fatbox - I think those are wider?).

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Agreed on both counts. There’s a picture of a fatbox here; this looks like a double jewel case, same width as a single jewel case but holding two discs.

The packaging can be described in more detail in an annotation: “Boxed set containing photo book, CD, and DVD” or whatever.

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The premise of is that slipcases are not boxes.

Furthermore, the Style Leader previously implied that slipcases are not boxes.

A box needs a lid.

Currently slipcases and O-Cards are in an odd limbo of not having a category.

But I would also argue that is not a FATbox it is thin standard jewel case width. Fatboxes are much thicker.

I would add that as a standard Jewel Case and then note in the annotation that it is a carboard slipcase holding a double jewel case and xx page booklet.


Notice the Fatbox is really thick. It is an old thing that you don’t see around much anymore.


I think I have a Fatbox.

Two CDs and a 16-page booklet inside.


yep thats a fat box indeed


And what do you call it?

4 x digipack

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I believe this is just a standard digipack


There’s some opinion which says this is not a box, but a slipcase, as it doesn’t have a lid.
But, a slipcase is a sub-type of a box (ex: Slipcase - Wikipedia ), so its both a box and a slipcase.
And, the definition of the box shown in Release / Packaging - MusicBrainz doesn’t say the lid is a must, but allows an opening instead.
Which more confuses is, in my country, it is common to say this as a “BOX”. (CD-BOX, DVD-BOX, etc.)
example: This one have a similar packaging, and the official seller page says this is a BOX. CD-BOX 「夏の歌〜Jサマー〜」 | カテゴリーで探す,カテゴリー/CD | BSフジショッピング

Won’t we go with using “box”; as a slipcase is a subtype of a box; until a better option appears for packaging type?
If not, we need a re-difinition of a “box” which excludes slipcase; by removing allowance of an opening, or something else.

Yeah, this one is a jewel case, as the fatbox should have double-width. This is my mistake (misunderstanding). Thanks.

MusicBrainz slides away from literal English dictionary definitions on a lot of things. When the discussion came up before fairly sure it was the style leader who said “a box needs to have a lid”.

That is an open wiki article where one person submitted the definition of box that way, probably incorrectly (at least I can’t find a discussion where the community agreed that a box doesn’t need a lid and isn’t therefore a slipcase).

… otherwise you would have to call the following a slipcase:

I’ve had five CDs in a slipcase before and told it was a slipcase. Just wish I could remember where the discussion was.

You’d have to work out where the line is between “slipcase” and “box” if you wanted to change “box” to something without a lid.

Personally I look at a single jewelcase and book in a card case and don’t think that is a box. Whereas a collection like @hpwg I would call a box. Maybe it is more about the number of disc cases makes it more of a boxset?

Just took a look at the series 5 Original Albums - MusicBrainz
These actually are cardboard slipcases countaining 5 CDs in cardboard sleeves with original album design but have packaging from Box to Cardboard/Paper Sleeve if given at all.
Imo it would be a good idea to differ a bit clearer in the definitions.
Edit: In general they are sold as Box-Set, afaik.


Let me define the words like this in this comment:
“Package”: A container which directly contacts with a medium.
“Box”: a category type of package in MusiBrainz

From the discussions and examples here, it seems like:

  • If the box have a lid, its a “Box”.
  • If the box doesn’t have a lid, but have multiple “Package”, its a “Box”.
  • Otherwise, its not a “Box”.

Let me purpose a definition of a “Box” which discribes the above. The “Box” defined in Release / Packaging - MusicBrainz will be:

  • Before:
    A box with a lid or an opening that contains the medium and other packaging, like posters and booklet containing lyrics.
  • After:
    A box with a lid. Or a box with an opening that contains multiple packaging where at least 2 packaging contains a medium.

If based on this, these will be a “Box”:
A box with a lid:
A box with an opening that contains multiple packaging where at least 2 packaging contains a medium:

But, this will be the others (slipcase):
A box with an opening that contains only 1 packaging which contains a medium
A box with an opening that contains multiple medium, but only in 1 packaging (fatbox):

How about this proposal?