Overly broad claim of being (sole) composer of Amazing Grace hymn

Amazing Grace ~ Recording by Marston Smith, listen at youtube here,, is of a work that has Dan Radlauer credited as (sole) composer.
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"from cd liner notes"

Listening to what is stated to be a recording of this work on youtube reveals this is the common hymn “Amazing Grace”. For which composers and lyricists are commonly agreed.
Is there anything in the recording that demonstrates additional compositional material, which would allow Radlauer to be an additional composer?
Or does the recording demonstrate only an arrangement?

How to proceed in the face of overly broad claims?

This video is not available.

From France.

P.S. His only available video is https://youtu.be/ITethQNCDB4 but honestly I wish it to be blocked as well.

This being a forum of genre inclusivity and respect for all musical tastes, I will only say that I find the images of cello bows being used to play-duel with by men in Roman legionnaires costumes uniquely entertaining.


Can’t see the Youtube video, but the album is on Spotify.

That just sounds like (an arrangement of) Amazing Grace to me. Certainly not an independent new work by “Dan Radlauer”. :slight_smile:

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