Other Tags

I am looking for documentation on how Other tags are governed on MusicBrainz.

I searched the MusicBrainz Documentation website and this forum for an answer, but could not find anything. I am new, so there is a good chance that I missed something due to information overload.

Would someone be able to point me in the right direction, please?

“other tags”? We make 'em up as we go alone. Just type stuff in the box on the right or a Release.


Just remember they are publicly viewable.

Bad tags can then be voted down. Good tags voted up.

This allows the community to jump on and hide bad tags by community votes. Good tags get better scores, etc.

You remove your own tags by voting it down…

This is lit up Green as it lets me know it is “mine”


See Folksonomy Tagging
I’ve also tagged this topic #folksonomy so you can more easily find related topics.

This is lit up Green

To be precise it’s a userscript that highlights the name. Without it just the number would be highlighted.


Thanks for confirming why my banana was green.

And now I also learnt a new term - “folksonomy”. I thought that was something to do with folk music… :rofl: