Original Year/Release Date / Mass-tag FLACs

I apologize if this has already been asked and answered but I couldnt find it.

I’m starting to love Picard but I dont have time to switch over now from my current set-up, will do that later.

All I would like Picard to do is to add the Original Year Tag / Original Release Date tag to my FLACs. Just that (or those 2) one tag. Nothing else changed or added please. At least for now.

Picard can replace the current YEAR tag for all I care or add another field and place it there (I’ll use the other tools to copy it to the YEAR tag then).

Do I really have to exclude all tags I want to keep in Options? Is there no easier/safer way to tell Picard to only tag a specific field and leave everything else alone?

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Unfortunately, whilst Picard can probably be configured to achieve what you want, it is not designed to do this. Consequently I fear that you will spend more time achieving this goal than switching over completely to Picard from your current setup.


I’m a little OC. Are you saying, Picard tags as much information as possible but does not give me control over what (field) is being tagged?

There is no simple way to say “Picard, I only want you to change this one field”. All you can do is say “Picard, don’t change these fields”. But once you have set up a long block list you should be fine.

There are other threads on this but a bit chaotic. MB is starting to notice a lot of new people popping up lately asking a question like yours about dates. First Release dates, First Recording dates, Dates per Track on VA collections. Suddenly a new area for MB which usually deals with a different type of accuracy. Solutions are evolving.

As Sophist says, you’ll be better off diving in fully to the Picard world


Not now. but maybe sooner than I expected. Still, what just puts me off a little is, once I move over fully, I seem to still lack control. And I dont really like that.

I’ll test the block list on a subset of folders before running 100ks through Picard.

The need for the year thing comes from the streaming services that dont curate themselves but leave it up to the record companies to supply dates. And apparently they suck even more than the streamers lol. (well, maybe not sck but push their dates as currently as possible).

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Please see the following recent discussion on how to do this:


Stick MP3TAG into your toolbox and use them together. Picard’s big strength is the database it has available and ability to have a pretty good educated guess at which version you have. MP3TAG is then there for bulk fine tuning and changes.

It is better to see Picard as part of MusicBrainz. It is the part that brings the database and its details to your music files. Whereas MP3TAG just lets you change your tags. If you want accuracy, you need Picard. If you just want to hack your tags, then MP3TAG

Warning - Picard+MusicBrainz can be addictive.

And always do initial tests on COPYS of your music while you are learning. Make a backup of everything to an external drive before you start in case you make mistakes.


thanks @outsidecontext I’ll check it out.

thanks @IvanDobsky mp3tag is the tool I’m coming from and that has already tagged all flacs to perfection. apart from the original release year thing. but that’s more deezer/tidal’s fault, if any.

it probably would have been easier to start with picard and then clean up in mp3tag but at least for this round, it’ll be the other way around.

let’s see how that goes :slight_smile:

everything’s always backed up twice in the cloud and twice on nas separated by mountains and pretty lakes.

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btw, does anyone know of an app that is capable of displaying ANY and ALL tags of files (flacs) selected?

I’ve just spent hours and apparently no one but me seems to need this.

metaflac and mp3tag let me dump this info into files but I want this editable in an app. I might get mp3tag there if I add every possible comment/tag variation as a column but that just seems unnecessarily cruel.

anyone know of an app that displays all stored meta data and lets me manipulate it?

or does picard have a show-all mode?

foobar2000 might do what you are looking for


For FLAC Picard will load and show all the Vorbis tags stored in the file.

Similar to Picard it won’t show you everything for ID3 tags, it doesn’t support all of the available frames there. Not sure how it behaves for MP4, probably similar situation.

Like Picard it will show you everything for Vorbis and APE tags.


Some tags are deliberately hidden so users can’t break their files or because they require special handling:


MP3TAG can use the Extended Tags button. Can also change tags in that window. If you have 20 tracks selected, you can change the value of all of them.

Picard shows you everything by default. It is why it is such a king of details. The right hand side will be prefilled by values from the database, but you can always override that. And once you find Scripting you have a TON of control

@chaban how/where? do I need to install a plugin? all I can see is default tags or add manually columns for additional tags. but that’s not helpful since I want to see all present tags and not guess and manually add columns. but chances are, I just dont know where to look in foobar…

@IvanDobsky mate, I can’t see any of the musicbrainz tags or the source tag in the extended tags pop-up of mp3tag. and I know they are there since I load the same file in picard and they show.
I know picard shows me everything, and I LOVE IT for that, but I wanted to replicate that behaviour (showing all and any tag) in mp3tag so I can continue mass-tag-manipulations in that app after picard filled all the metadata.
And yes, I’m going through this over there and see where it leads me.
I just dont get it how it’s so hard to open a flac file in any of the meta data editors and none, I mean none of the 30 or so I tried, even displays remotely a complete meta data picture.

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Okay, weird. I just tagged an album in Picard and here is one track in MP3TAG using Extended Tag button (and yes I had to cheat and tape two together as bigger than screen… lol):

Just using this button or right click and Extended Tags

Picard shows basically the same stuff in default mode.

Edited to hide the typo on the image… bet no one noticed, but I did so now it has gone… :crazy_face:

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WTF? I’ll be back. Something is very wrong here. I get this:


And what about if you put that track into Picard? What is on the left?

I guess you are missing tags in the original.

I dont think so. What’s on the left is what’s already stored within the FLAC file, right?

I just isolated a single file, retagged it with Picard and re-loaded that file in mp3tag and that’s what I get:

vs Picard

Picard is also showing the data is not there. it says “missing” The WHITE text is in place. Notice how the WHITE matches your MP3TAG categories. Have you hit SAVE on that file in Picard yet?

In VLC load the track. Right click and select INFORMATION and then METADATA tab.

I think you are not writing the metadata you think you are.