Set default tags for all albums


I want Picard to edit/save only the tags marked “yellow”.
All other tags should be deleted if they exist.

Doing this with “$delete()” is very tedious because each album has different tags.

Is there a way to achieve this ?

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Enable Option > Tags > “Clear existing tags” and set all your yellow tags in the “Preserve these tags” list on the same options page.

But please do yourself a favor and put the musicbrainz_recordingid and musicbrainz_albumid onto this list. If you ever want to update your tags with MusicBrainz metadata you don’t need to do the matching again.


I have already set this.

Nevertheless, all tags are saved.
As soon as I open the same album again with Picard, it looks like this:

I do not want to delete the tags manually for each album.
It should look like follow if i scan a new album. Only the mentioned tags should be modified / saved.


Oh yes, of course as long as the tags are still set they’ll get written. You’d need to do a $delete, or in case of clear existing tags enabled at least a $unset.

But have a look at the keep plugin. That provides you a $keep function with which you can specify all tags you want to keep, others will be removed.

It keeps the musicbrainz_* tags, so you’d need to do explicit $delete on those. I am repeating myself, but please keep the musicbrainz_recordingid and musicbrainz_albumid tags :slight_smile:


This is exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you!

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Sorry to revive this, but I’m a bit lost as well. I installed the keep plugin, now is there a menu for it somewhere, or will it just remember which fields I deleted for next time?

Also, is there a way to rename certain tag fields, yet have Picard remember what they originally were? For example, I’d prefer to have ‘Record Label’ changed to ‘PUBLISHER’ and ‘Catalog Number’ changed to ‘LABELNO’