"Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" Subtitle or ETI?

This question came up in an edit. There are, unfortunately, many examples of both in the DB, so I’d like to see if there’s a consensus on how it should be.

Original edit with discussion: Edit #94015750 - MusicBrainz

For soundtracks, when you see “Original Soundtrack”/“Music from the Motion Picture”/etc. phrase on the cover, is this a subtitle or ETI?

My opinion, and I think it follows the Soundtrack guidelines, is that it is a subtitle, and therefore to be in the RG title following a colon:

Constantine: Original Motion Picture Score
Constantine (Original Motion Picture Score)


Should be Constantine: Original Motion Picture Score


If it is a consensus that these phrases are subtitles, or ETI, I’d like to request that the Soundtrack style guideline be updated to specifically say so, one way or the other. The editor that prompted this thread continues to add the phrases in the format of ETI, after several votes going against him, and after being asked by the Style Leader to follow the guidelines. But if the guidelines fail to explicitly state the decision, I don’t think he’s going to stop.


All it needs are a couple of examples quoted. Maybe also add one to the subtitle page too.

Problem is the online shops are starting to put this stuff into brackets which is causing part of the confusion. A subtitle colon looks so much neater anyway. :slight_smile:

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I’d like to propose one of the examples be this Top Gun soundtrack, as it has both a subtitle and ETI:

that, or this version of the Elf Score release, edit pending.


Another good example. This has two subtitles, which was one of the arguments brought up:


I disagree that all it needs is examples, though. There are already examples on the Soundtrack page showing soundtrack subtitles with colons.

Unless it specifically says “It’s a subtitle - use colons” or “It’s ETI - use parentheses,” certain editors are going to maintain their own position.

I just tripped over this editor and the random attack of the brackets… it starts to get boring all this arguing about guidelines…


Yeah, it seems being asked to follow the guidelines hasn’t deterred him.

Please report the user (again, if you already had and that’s why I told him to follow them the first time, I forget).

Not previously reported, at least not by me. Your request was made here:
Edit #94111867 - MusicBrainz

I continue encountering (and editing) soundtrack titles that use parentheses rather than colons for this, so I’ve filed [STYLE-2320] Soundtrack guidelines should explicitly state subtitle use - MetaBrainz JIRA.