Orange highlights not going away after pending edits are closed

I’m seeing instances where edits have closed, but they are still highlighted in orange.

Release “Live at the BBC: The Collection” by The Beatles - MusicBrainz

All recordings still orange. I had put in a merge edit for most of the recordings that closed on Jun 14 & merged the release and that closed on Jun 19. There have been no open edits since the 19th, yet, they are still orange.

Another instance I’ve run across is the following release:

Release “Original Sixties” by Various Artists - MusicBrainz

No open edits pending. All recordings still orange.


I have created a new ticket for this recurring problem:


There are other tickets and threads on this oddity. It happens when you swap recordings around during an edit. I know I can put my hands on many examples.

For example, here are a simple pair:

Check the edit history and you will find where I swapped the two tracks that were linked to these two recordings. Track 5 was pointing at Recording 6, and Track 6 was point at Recording 5. Once swapped, this has stayed yellow ever since., 79952145, 79699474, 79699473, 79699472

Plenty of similar changes that shuffle tracks and recordings cause this issue. I have made whole albums go yellow before.

Another one: An album’s worth of them! That one caused by lots of overlapping edits, relinking and merging recordings.

Part of my theory is connected with a change of TrackID and\or RecordingID.


Apparently it also happens after some merges.
The existing tickets I found were closed, this is why I created a new one. :wink:


Yeah, those Fugees examples were caused by merges. That is a bootleg album which was added as all new recordings. I did lots of merging on that to other recordings, while also doing other edits, fixing text, changing artists and overlapping changes. Fixing something like that I can create quite a tangled web of edits.

It is why the Levellers is an easier example to focus on and reproduce. Just the five edits I think were key there.


Another example I just found. Good to see there’s already a ticket and discussion on this. I can confirm that on my example, several merges were done.


Same thing here:

Merges were done mostly