One Disc ID with multiple releases

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I have searched for solutions to the following problem but was unable to find one.

I own release The sound of Arvo Part which is a 3 disc set by Erato. Two (at least) of the discs were released earlier by Virgin classics (now absorbed into Erato) and are found in MusicBrainz as well: Pro et Contra and Summa. Picard yields these when searching for the discs in my cd-drive, so they have the same Disc ID’s as discs 1 and 2 of the newer release owned by me. In that release (The sound of Arvo Part) only disc 3 has a Disc ID linked.

Is there a way to link these two already existing Disc ID’s to the discs in the newer release? Obviously, it is not possible using the recommended method via Picard.

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Yes you can follow the Picard way of submitting your Disc IDs.
When shows you the existing 2 releases, as well as Artist and Release search boxes:
Please paste the 3CD release URL in this Release search text box and press Enter. :slight_smile:

Thanks, perhaps I misunderstand, but I don’t see how I can use Picard for this. When pressing “Lookup CD” in Picard I get presented this window:

which is the existing 1 CD release which differs from the 3 CD release. So, now, since the Disc ID is already present in MB, Picard does not generate a URL with Disc ID and track length information and there is no page with Artist or Release search boxes generated. It only does this when the Disc ID is not present in MB.

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Click on “Lookup in browser” and you can start the disc submission process on In newer releases we have renamed this button to “Submit disc ID”.


Thanks a lot! That works.