Once upon a time.. or Re-enable seeing edits atop pages (MBS-10383)

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Basically what I’ve outlined in https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/MBS-10383
It’s an idea I’ve been brewing on for aaages, I’d like peoples’ input, especially newer editors too - you’ve never had this, would this be interesting to you?

I mean for this to be free, opt-in, configurable and in addition, so
I’m not suggesting replacing the edit search or subscription view with this!

Feedback? 😸


I think I wouldn’t like it too much myself if a full edit was show on top of the page, because I depend on the page set-up to do multi-tab actions (say, I like to just move around tabs and click the same link for merging or whatnot, and that only works if the link is in the same place on all tabs). On the other hand, I could live with a small banner-like thing on top of some entities, such as “this artist has some open edits that you could help evaluate!” where you either click “see more” and it shows you the full edit(s) or it just takes you to the open edits page. I might actually use that one :slight_smile:

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yea I mean. the jumping around on pages thing was something I fund annoying too.
I envision it’d be somehow a bit like the “filter” thing, if you selected that it should show it would show, but else it would be collapsed.
Also iirc, with large edits it would scroll rather than push data on the page much lower down.
But yes, an entire “edit release” with 20+ tracks shown in full wouldn’t make much sense at all.

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