On the OC ReMix style guideline and consistently applying it

A little backstory: I downloaded the full OC ReMix collection, and got it tagged/renamed with Picard in a style I like, but titles in MusicBrainz are not consistently applied. Most of the time, plain ASCII quote characters are used (which makes ls’s display do all sorts of things as it escapes names), so it’s nicer to me if the titles used curly quotes (U+2018, U+2019, U+201C, U+201D) characters that have no special meaning to the shell. Most of the problem titles are in the old OC ReMix entries; most new ones have followed a [Game name] “[Remix title]” OC ReMix format, even some of the old remixes have that format already.

Well, I figured I’ll be nice and start editing each recording to match that of the new entries. If I could do ~100 recordings per day even, it wouldn’t take that long to get the entire series list done. So I did, I did about 137 entries (up to OCR00199). A couple entries had misspelled titles, and spelling changes mean the edits to quotes don’t get applied automatically and go to a vote.

Now, finally, this comes to the issue at hand. My edit 104688450 received a no vote and a comment consisting only of a link to the style guideline I was previously unaware of. I added a comment reflecting my feelings on both the inconsistency already applied and also the logistic issue of the style guideline’s text in question.

Is there room for possibly updating the style guideline? Single quotes are quite common in these remixes, whereas double quotes are rare. Keeping the whole remix title surrounded by double quotes fits English standards fairly well, and makes things a lot less visually messy when including possessives in the remix title (common in these remix titles). One of the more “messy” titles in my proposal would be OCR002332, since the remix title includes double quotes. The OC ReMix site just ignores the problem. We could either ignore the problem too, or switch the title’s quote style to single quotes for that instance (English standard alternates quote styles for quotes-in-a-quote).


It looks like the OC ReMix guidelines have been around in a similar (non-Unicode) form since at least 2005: Style/Titles/OC ReMix series - MusicBrainz Wiki

Luckily, the mailing list posts linked there appear to have been archived:

I don’t see an explanation for why single quotes were chosen over double quotes, but I didn’t dig any further.


I would guess that file system restrictions in DOS/Windows were an influence (the ASCII " is a forbidden character). I really doubt that single or double quote affects the artistic intent of OverClocked ReMixes. Well, using the non-ASCII curly quotes at least would make it nice on the file system front in two places; on Unix, no escaping needed for the characters, on Windows, curly quotes aren’t the same as the ASCII quotes.

The ocremix website seems to prefer double quotes these days anyhow. For example, OCR02332 and OCR00001 on the website use the double quote style. File names are delivered with no quotes, but I suspect the aforementioned limitation in Windows is to blame. Even the oldest releases use double quotes in the tags.


IIRC these were written while in contact with the OC ReMix people back in the day, so they probably had a reason to prefer the single quotes. If the OC ReMix people don’t do it anymore, maybe we also shouldn’t though.


Ach, always the same problem with DL releases that change with time…