Official translation, but not an official release?

Hi folks, so I’ve asked a few questions about the Xenoblade soundtrack recently, and I thank those that have replied to those threads for their help and suggestions. On to the topic.

So for Xenoblade’s Original Soundtrack, it was initially released in Japan, with an all Japanese tracklist, however a few years later in 2015 a 3DS version of the game was released that included a jukebox that had official English translations for the complete soundtrack, but there was no re-release of the soundtrack with official English titles, so should the current psudo release be classed as official since it uses official translations, or stay as a psudo release?

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I think it should stay a pseudo-release, because as you said it is not an actual separate release. It solely exists for providing translations for the actual release.

Actually the ticket with alternative tracklists that @jesus2099 posted in the other thread would also help here a lot:


Yup that’s exactly what made me have this idea in the first place, I’ll just add “official translation” in the disambiguation or something like that.


I do the same as well, even for releases that don’t have an official full-tracklist translation, but where each individual track has an official name in latin. You know, for tagging. I can’t read hangul.

Official alternate-alphabet tracklists that are not a direct translation are a border case that is not in the style guidelines. But I’ve seen it a couple times. It’s fine.

Unless we get some kind of patch on the website re: this, it’s the only way to archive this kind of information in the database…