Obi definition

The documentation says an obi is “a strip of paper around the spine (or occasionally one of the other edges of the packaging).”

In this case, we have a strip/band that wraps horizontally across the front and back covers, while also covering a part of the spine.

Does this count as an obi?


from my understanding, an obi is a very particular thing, mostly (if not only) seen in the Japanese market, and typically has price codes, bar code, and much more (example)

I’d probably enter this as ‘other’ with a comment like ‘band around packaging’ or something?

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it doesn’t help much, but here’s the wikipedia definition

as far as i am concerned it would be an obi. “price codes, bar code, and much more” are not necessary.

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This is exactly an obi.
Exactly like the original obis on LP (except those were vertical).

This is the description of most CD obis.


huh, I guess you learn something every day~


I actually forgot book belly-bands/wrap-around bands are also called obi in Japanese, and that’s probably where it comes from, but… we don’t call them obi, do we? My feeling is that in English “obi” is only used to refer the Japanese strip around the spine that almost unique to Japan. I think the question isn’t so much what do the Japanese call obi, but do we call obi. What is the obi tag for, that Japanese-style strip of paper around the spine, or any strip of paper around the case?

I actually don’t know and would accept whatever the consensus is, but the wiki definition should be updated if we wanted to be more than the “strip of paper around the edge” thing.