Notify artists making own edits

I don’t know where we would say this (nor do I think many people read the rules even if we did say it), but maybe we need a way to make sure artists understand…

MusicBrainz is not your personal space. You are more than welcome to contribute information to your own entry, but the information contained in the database belongs to the database, not to you.

I’ve found too many people who want to “whitewash” their history. And those are just the ones I have found, I can only imagine how many I have no idea about.
Thankfully we aren’t freeform writing, or else it would be far worse.


Could you give some examples?

What I sometimes do is vote no and leave a comment if someone tries to add clearly promotional and uninformative text in an annotation.
Other than that I don’t think I’ve encountered behavior that you describe a lot.


I have deleted one or two annotation that were extremely positive on the artist.
Other than that -I think- it would be very helpful if labels/artist would add information here directly, assuming they have first hand info.


I second this.
One common edit I see with artists or their management making edits is they will sometimes add the artist’s EPK as a disambiguation or annotation. AFAIK those are far outside MBs scope, and I usually remove them (with an explanation in the changelog).