Notification of edits of my collection

I get some interesting notifications of edits in relation to my collection - say of an artist’s relationships where that artist happens to be related to track in a release…
But some quite major edits don’t seem to be notified. It may be that this is where the edits are automatically applied (e.g. new data). It would really be helpful to know about these as, assuming they are correct, I can use Picard to pick up the additional tags for my own use. Is my understanding correct and is there some way to know about such edits?
(BTW, thanks for the edits @BitPerfectRichard)


Make sure to subscribe to your collection.
Then you can browse all edits, auto and pending, in either (you have a checkbox at the top to change display) and in (write down on a paper timestamp of last checked edit for next time, or use LAST_SEEN_EDIT that will show you which edits are new — you may also need POWER VOTE to hide your own edits).

Several related tickets to have these kind of features, genuinely in MBS: