Notes on edits


I left some notes on edits. There have been more notes left - I know this because I got an email saying so.
But I don’t know how to get back to the edits/notes to respond.

How do I do this?

I know if they are my edits, that I get a notification saying “new notes” and there is a link in the dropdown box that takes my to notes. But that apparently doesn’t apply to the edits that are not mine.


This would be handy.

Under “My Data”, up the top of the Musicbrainz page, there is " Notes Left on my Edits ".

Another one for, " Notes I’ve Left on Other’s Edits", would do the trick.

Wanna suggest how this would look on a ticket?


You can retrieve notes you left on others’ edits from


Another option is to just click the link on the email - every email about notes should have a link to the edit in question.


Just to give a visual representation of @yvanzo’s post:


Two things -

  1. I use a different browser for that email. So it would be a copy/paste, not a click.
  2. I delete the emails with the thought of “thanks for telling me, I will deal with it when I go there”.

Thank you. One of these days I am going to learn how to use those boxes. So far everything I have tried results in an error.


Now when you don’t have time immediately, you can keep them until you have time to check it out.
Otherwise there is very little chance that you would go to those edits randomly. :wink:


The outcome of the current approach is that less editors will be providing oversight.
It may be that the input of editors who have not organised a workflow that gets them to view the edits is not highly valued.
As one of those editors I’d prefer to switch off notifications that are not going to be used.
How do I do that?