Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting 2021-09-27

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#MetaBrainz Meeting 2021-09-27

Meeting start:

World Tourism Monday


Last meeting: 2021-09-20
Next meeting: 2021-10-04














Dead link collection

It was generally agreed that this seemed sensible, but might need to given a bit more thought. Topic left for next week, but may be removed if it gets resolved during the week.

MBS-11986: New technical account flag: Spam(mer)

General consensus in favour of this. Some discussion about implementation details and edge cases, but this discussion was requested to be redirected to the ticket.


Since the summit will be held virtually, @CatQuest suggested a way to still get “The MetaBrainz Chocolate Experience”, but given the logistics of this it wasn’t deemed feasable.


Sounds as good algorithm.
I check 164688 Bandcamp urls used in MB and found 16240 on them broken.


Thanks, love seeing these staff updates!!

Was this a question to staff or the community? :two_hearts:

Anyone, really. But please, lets keep it to sensible ideas. :slight_smile:

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Three weeks later… but my first thought was a bounty pool for external developers to implement some tickets. Some may get interested and stick around the project. However I imagine running that kind of thing brings with it some complications that I’m not aware of :thinking:

Document management and retention & disposal (particularly regarding sensitive user information and HR) is usually a biggie for non-profits. But I’m not sure how that looks for a ‘nerd heavy’ <3 org like MB, might be okay!

I’ll also >brazenly< plug myself, I do freelance design, comms & marketing. My ideal working relationship is to have a fixed number of hours a month so that things can be done as they come up. Good example, I work for another non-profit (discounted ofc) for 4 hours/week for just under 12k/year. That means they can send me things as they come up without worrying about quotes etc, and if there’s no work that week (hasn’t happened yet!) the hours flows over and is there for bigger projects. Usually gets used on boring corporate stuff like email footers and Word/Gdoc templates, but if that’s what’s needed…

There are singular design projects that I think MB could benefit from - a styleguide (if there isn’t one?) including web elements that can be referenced across all projects, a set of illustrations that can be used to promote or ‘jazz’ up MB elements, illustrations for things like cover types, a uniform icon set/library etc