Notes from #MetaBrainz meeting 2017-11-20

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#MetaBrainz Meeting 2017-11-20

Meeting start:















Design tickets

INST-330: Rename “guitars” instrument

An informal vote was had with 4½ votes for (incl. both STYLE and INST leads), ½ a neutral vote, and 0 votes against, with the caveat that the bot should make sure that moved guitars should keep an “instrument credit” of ‘guitars’ and that guitars that already have an instrument credit should not be touched by the bot at all.


So “guitars” has been renamed to “guitar family”, but where’s the bot?


Thinking forward, it’d be useful for me to ally myself with someone with a bot, who could do these sort of things when asked (also thinking about the drums vs drumset conundrum) which would (maybe?) help alleviate some problems for people that I unintentionally might create while reordering and fixing instruments…