Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting 2017-06-05

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#MetaBrainz Meeting 2017-06-05

Meeting start:

















Spam review

Trying to assess the situation after discussions last week. However, not all measures have been implemented yet and some of the implemented measures may not show their full effect (if any) just yet either. @Rob is going on vacation this week, so we’ll try and get a review on the effect once he’s returned.


There was some discussion about looking into alternatives to Kong (3scale was mentioned). There was also some discussion about how this could potentially allow for paid “premium access” to the web service and how to delegate API keys. Ultimately though, the general consensus was to go ahead with the ws/2.5 plans and iron out specific implementation details later.


For all those not reading the complete chatlogs:[quote=“Freso, post:1, topic:282491”]There was also some discussion about how this could potentially allow for paid “premium access” to the web service[/quote]

What would you like to offer in a “premium access”?
Do you already have any idea about the price?


As the summary said:

So, basically sometimes people have asked whether it’d be possible to pay something to have unlimited or less limited ws access for Picard and other uses. This is a possibility we’re considering, but that’s all so far - we’re not even sure if we want to do it. If and when we know more, it’ll be mentioned :slight_smile:


This is why I link directly to the specific discussion in the chatlogs for each topic; so you don’t have to read the entire meeting, but can read just the discussion you’re interested in digging further into.

Apart from that: what @reosarevok said.

(There was also some additional discussion about this topic immediately following the meeting, which can also be read in the logs, but are not summarised here as they were not part of the meeting.)