Social Media Banner Contest!

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It’s MetaBrainz’s first Social Media Banner Contest!

We had a discussion about our social media banners–and the idea emerged that we should do a contest (thank you CatQuest!).

So now is your time to submit your ideas/concepts/drafts, etc of a social media banner for MetaBrainz!

Timing of the Contest:
June 1 Opening of Contest!
June 1-June 16 Contest Submissions
June 19th -June 30th Voting Period
July 3rd Winner announced at MeB Meeting
July 3rd-Oct 1st Winning Banner is uploaded for Q3

How to submit: Upload your design idea in SVG/PNG format in the comment section, as soon as the submission period is over I will put ideas into a new post for voting!

Here is a template for twitter banner:

The Design Parameters:

  1. Needs to use our MetaBrainz color palette (our colors + white)
  2. Needs look professional, clean, intelligent and bold…like us.
  3. Needs to feel cohesive with our websites, logos and branding

Our Logos and a few of our Websites, for reference:

Have fun! As usual-let me know if you have any questions, concerns or comments!


As of #MetaBrainz Meeting 2017-06-19 it was agreed upon to postpone the contest to a future date that may provide more interest in participation. Thanks!