Not sure if separate release (HDCD vs copy-controlled CD)


Hi all –

I have a CD that is extremely similar to release They’re both the soundtrack to the film “Les triplettes de Belleville”. Same label, same catalog number, same UPC code.

But the one in MusicBrainz now is an HDCD, and my copy is a “Copy-Controlled” CD (boo, hiss). My copy has no HDCD logo, but it does have the Big-Brother-ish “Copy-Controllled” logo.

I’m inclined to create a new release, where the only difference is the medium type. Does this sound right?




It seems you already did just that. But it’s the right call. :wink:

I’m not sure if shutterfreak was right to change the medium type earlier though. And what on earth does “All tracks are HDCD except tracks 2 & 19” mean? The medium is either an HDCD or not.


That’s not true. HDCD is just a method of encoding extra information in 16-bit CDDA; if they don’t encode that information on all tracks then those tracks are not HDCD.



So the CD in question could actually be both HDCD and Copy Control at the same time? Makes things definitely more complicated.


I suppose it could, sure.


Yes – that was the main reason I hesitated before creating a new release. The fact that mine has a clear, obvious “Copy-Controlled CD” logo, but not the HDCD logo, made me decide to create a new release.


If the packaging is different (eg different logos or symbols), you can always create a new release with a clear conscience :slight_smile:

Scans would be useful, but maybe ask @shutterfreak in the edit notes or on here to check?
I’ve directed him to this thread in an edit note as well.


I checked my release. The cover and back are not marked as HDCD although most tracks were identified as HDCD on my computer. and indeed, the back has the “copy controlled” logo in the bottom right corner.

So your and my release are most likely the same.


Whoops! OK, I’ll merge the two releases. Thanks for checking!