Not sure how to enter a release

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I have a release of the Nutcracker by the Bonn Classical Philharmonic & Heribert Beissel. It is the same title and release date as this album on Amazon (, but the artist is given as the Bonn Classical Philharmonic & Heribert Beissel, the artwork is different, the song titles are slightly different, and one track on my album is a second shorter. There is a similar, but earlier, release in MusicBrainz but with the name of the orchestra with it’s German spelling and track title differences.

Several questions:

  1. Do I add this as a release using the English name of the orchestra (as on the album I got) or with the German name?
  2. Do I try to use a German title (which I may not do accurately) or use the English title?
  3. If I use German for 1 and 2, do I also use German titles for the tracks, even though mine are in English?
  4. Do I include Heribert Beissel in the artist name or leave him off (or perhaps add him somewhere else)?

Regarding whether I should use the German for questions 1, 2, and 3, can you please explain why so I fully understand. It seems to me that using German wouldn’t be correct, since the data on the album I have is all in English. But using English seems to create a new artist and release group which really are just the same artist/group that are already in MusicBrainz but in German, perhaps causing redundancy and confusion. Seems confusing either way. :grinning:


The answer to 1, 2, and 3 is enter it as written in the language used on your release, with the caveat that you’ll probably need to adjust the track titles to follow the classical style guide. You will still use the same artists, release group, and recordings (provided they are the same recordings - if the number and lengths differ, they may not be).

4 will be an artist credit. See the CSG for release artist: You will probably end up with something like Tchaikovsky; Bonn Classical Philharmonic, Heribert Beissel. (Adjusted to match your specific release.)

Here’s the main CSG page, hopefully it will answer some of your overall questions:

And yes, classical is always a little confusing. :smiley: I still have to refer back to the CSG regularly to make sure I’m doing it right.


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