Not sure how to add tracks from Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut recently had a giveaway for the Shadowrun game trilogy. I always check my games for soundtracks and went to import the soundtracks to my library when I encountered a problem. The game, Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director’s Cut, has two downloads on GOG, both labeled as soundtracks. One is the original soundtrack already in MusicBrainz, the other is 10 tracks that are specific to the Director’s Cut and are not in MusicBrainz. GOG’s game description describes this second download this way:

Ten New Pieces of Original Music : Fan-favorite composer Jon Everist brings ten new tracks of moody cyberpunk music to the Dragonfall experience, including compositions based on the stories of individual members of your team.

None of the tracks I downloaded have metadata, just the track name in the file name. So I’m not sure how to add them to MusicBrainz. Should I create a “Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director’s Cut Official Soundtrack” release that includes the tracks from both the original release and the new ones from the Director’s cuts? Or should I create a release titled something like “Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director’s Cut Bonus Tracks”?


I think it probably makes more sense to add them as a separate “Exclusive Tracks” release, but it’s also probably worth noting that these ten pieces are already present on the Director’s Cut soundtrack that GOG provided in the other archive, some of them in extended forms, which seems like the extra tracks were just tossed in there before Jon Everist put together a structured release (Yeah, Harebrained Schemes is kind of messy on the bundling of soundtracks - similar chaos happened with Returns on Steam and Humble IIRC).

In any case, the tracks seem to match up as follows:

"Bonus" Track                       | Version on OST
Berlin-Blitz-Calm (01:30)           | Du Heist (01:30)
Berlin-Blitz-Fight (01:08)          | Calling All Runners (Blitz's Theme) (02:17)
Berlin-Eiger-Calm (02:25)           | Lex Parsimoniae (Eiger's Theme) (02:25)
Berlin-Eiger-Fight (01:11)          | Alpha Mike Foxtrot (02:33)
Berlin-Glory-Calm (02:36)           | Horn and Ivory (Glory's Theme) (02:36)
Berlin-Glory-Fight (01:58)          | Catharsis (01:58)
Corporate_Combat_v2_Master (02:04)  | Shock and Awe (04:08)
Corporate_Legwork_v2_Master (03:02) | Greed Zenith (03:02)
Lab_Combat_v2_Master (02:22)        | No Overkill (02:45)
Lab_Level_Legwork_Master (03:44)    | The Flux State (03:44)
  • If they are two separate downloads, then a new ‘bonus tracks’-only release is appropriate imo
  • If they are in the same download/come in the same folder as the original tracks, I would create a new release with all of them.