Not sure how to add these releases

Hi, I would like to add ‘De Mannen van de Radio’ to MusicBrainz but there are a few things I am uncertain about. I would really appreciate if someone could give me some pointers.

Here’s the situation: De Mannen van de Radio was a series of absurdist sketches on a Dutch radio program called ‘de Avonden’. These sketches have now been released as ‘Verzamelbanden’ which are compilation tapes (literally collection tapes). These 25 tapes are released in digital format here. Each tape contains a number of these sketches, but each tape is presented as 1 file, so 1 file = 1 tape = several sketches. The tapes have been published as digital files in two types: as video although it contains only 1 continuous image so despite being video only the audio is relevant, and as audio files in which case they are presented as being a “podcast”. All of the tapes have been released on the same day, it was not a weekly/monthly thing.

My questions are:

  1. Would the release type be ‘broadcast’? I feel like that is not exactly right but I’m not sure. I’d say they were originally published as part of a broadcast (radio show De Avonden), but are now released as compilations of sketches from previous broadcasts. On the other hand, the audiofiles are being prsented as ‘podcasts’ which on MusicBrainz are filed under the Broadcast type.
  2. I’ve read the series-document but I still don’t fully understand what series are on MusicBrainz and how I should use those in this particular case? What is the difference between release-series and release-group-series? What about Work-series, what are those? Would I create 25 release groups first and then add a series on top of it?
  3. Should I even use 25 release groups, or is it one release because all of it was made available on the same day.
  4. Does the fact that each tape is presented as 1 actual file mean that when adding the tapes to MusicBrainz I can’t give times for the different sketches? (like sketch_title_1 3:58, sketch_title_2 2:05, etc.) Should this information be presented anywhere?
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From your post, it doesn’t sound like music, is it?

Yes, that’s right. Does it therefor not belong on MusicBrainz? That would make total sense.

But what confuses me is that there is a lot of non-music on MusicBrainz, including podcasts. Also all other comedy sets by one of the comedians behind ‘Mannen van de Radio’ are on MusicBrainz, stored under ‘other + spokenword’. Example Hans Teeuwen - MusicBrainz

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MusicBrainz is more a case of AudioBrainz. If you can listen to it, and get a copy from a public source, it can be listed. Those downloads are very much data for MusicBrainz.

  1. Yes. Broadcast+Spokenword+Compilation. You could also list separately the original shows as Broadcast+Spokenword.
  2. Not sure if series fits this example. I’d first just focus on adding the separate releases.
  3. 25 release groups, each with a single release in it. Each release has one digital file. So a single track per release.
  4. The only place that data really fits is in the annotation. MB has no way to split the single digital file up into chapters.

It sounds like your release dates will all be the same date. It should be when they appeared on that website in that format and not the original show dates.

A tricky issue I can see with these is not really having a good way to say which parts can from which shows. That is mainly going to be in the annotation.

If you have a separate list of the original radio shows you could add those on their own. That way you have something with original dates to refer to.

Podcasts and radio shows generally fall into a similar category.

I edit BBC Radio shows like The Goons. These were initially released on the radio, and then repackaged to Cassette and CDs. The difference there is always a whole show was supplied. Also these were acted out “dramas” with people playing roles so use Audio Drama as a type instead of Spoken Word.


Thanks for the clear explanation.

Yeah I think I’ll have some trouble there. I think I can find when the segment ‘Mannen van de Radio’ was on the show ‘De Avonden’, but it doesn’t tell me which particular sketch aired on which day. But I’ll look in to it and see what I can find.

Thanks for your help!

With releases like this there is never a rush to get it all perfect in the first edit. Just start by adding what you have. And you can expand what you learn at any time.

Adding the details to the annotations can be updated later. The fun of this it gives you and excuse to listen to them all. :grinning:

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if the tapes (and therefore the digital releases) are compiled from multiple shows, this might be the idea use of the Compilation of recording-recording relationship between the individual shows and the tape/digital releases (that is, if I understand the situation correctly…)

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Yes, that is the situation. Thanks for the tip.