No vote (opposite of yes vote) vs No votes (not voted)

Voter is me and voted: No vote


There is a little bit confusion between a no vote and no votes.

No animals were harmed

It should be “No votes”, with an “s”, no? :slight_smile:

I have not found better word but it seems to me, including when I read MBS code, that no votes and no votes, should not have names so resembling to each other. :wink:

Voter is me and voted: Nothing


Voter is me and voted: [No votes]

Maybe? But no need to change if it’s so minimal.

Voter is me and voted: Not voted

Does not flow nicely in the sentence… :thinking:

But it’s really nitpicking.
After writing this post, actually, now, I feel less and less confusion about it.
Strange, it has always bothered me little bit for years, but not now that I wrote it.


IMHO there are only 3 possibilties to vote:
a) say YES
b) say NO
c) say nothing/abstain

I have no idea what “approve” or “no vote” should be.
Where do you find this @jesus2099?

BTW, there is one more: “None”

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Both are correct in English - it has “No Vote” and it has “No Votes”. Same as “I have no cake” and “I have no cakes” is also legit. I don’t have one of something, and I also don’t have multiples of something.

Maybe Zero Votes would read better.

I would agree with @InvisibleMan78 that the solution could be to use the same “None” option that appears elsewhere.


Could change the phrasing entirely, “Hasn’t voted” or something. Since “None” is what it says in the radio buttons, I suppose that works too.

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In the edit search.
Approve is what automods can do, they can approve an edit.
It is like a yes vote but stronger, as the edit immediately applies.

And, well, No vote is same as None, but wow None is super word, then!

Hey None is great!
And in the code too: VOTE_YES, VOTE_NO, VOTE_ABSTAIN, VOTE_NONE, super great!