No MusicBrainz search results with Mp3Tag script


I’m getting this response when trying to tag my files via Mp3tag using an Mp3tag script. The script works as expected for other releases I throw at it, but two new releases I’ve added to MusicBrainz are both giving “400: Bad Request”.

I’ve experienced this before after adding a new release; it can sometimes take anywhere between 5-30 minutes (sometimes longer, at most, I’d say an hour) before the API doesn’t return error 400 via the script, but now it’s coming up on 24 hours since I made the release submissions and the API is still returning this code.

When I search for the releases on MusicBrainz, they aren’t returned, but if I switch to a direct database search, they both are listed.

I assume the database is taking longer than normal to index the releases? I’m curious as to why this happens.

Does the API only return indexed releases? Is there a way to return direct database results instead?



The search indexer wasn’t working properly during 26 hours, I guess you got those errors during this event. It is now solved.

Basically first one searches through indexed data (SOLR cluster is used behind the scene), second one (much slower) actually queries the database.
Usually new data is indexed within minutes (or even seconds), issues you had yesterday were related to the Search Indexer failure.
The issue was solved, and @yvanzo is working on a long-term fix to prevent such problem in the future.


Out of curiosity, has the fix been worked out? I ask because I’m experiencing the same issue again today, and if the fix was applied, maybe something else is going wrong.

My experience is that indexed search is missing certain chunks of artist data over the past couple months, leaving some search results weeks out of date. That shouldn’t affect a Release Lookup though.

I haven’t encountered that myself, however I just tried a new lookup via Mp3tag, ~30 hours since release submission, and it finally didn’t return an error 400. I’m guessing a fix hasn’t been applied then, but at least I can tag my release’s files now. It’s quite annoying as the time a new release submission may take to become indexed is unpredictable as it can vary anywhere from instantly up to a ~day (which means keeping track of releases which couldn’t be tagged previously, and attempting to do so numerous times until it finally works). Overall, MusicBrainz’s API seems to work great though.

This release was added 2 weeks ago, but it still receives error 400 when trying to fetch its information.

Error 400 indicates something is wrong with the request, e g. wrong query parameters or headers.

Despite the error the server should also return some details in the body. Look at that, it maybe helps you identify the issue.

Otherwise post here the full request details, the URL requested and the list of headers sent. Then we can figure out what’s going wrong.

Depending on the search fields I use via Mp3tag, the requests vary:

Here’s the simplest request querying for the release title:
Returns results but no “Elevations (Special Remastered Edition)” listed.

Maybe the issue could be that the release I’m trying to fetch has a different name than the release group (“Elevations” vs “Elevations (Special Remastered Edition)”)? I’m not sure what else it could be at the moment. The script’s debug output didn’t shown anything immediately wrong to me. Since the JSON results shown in the browser also fail to list the release, I’m still of the opinion that MusicBrainz is at fault.

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Ok, but that’s now something entirely different than the 400 error talked about in the previous post and especially something completely different to the original topic on questions about using the API with Java.

I have moved the Mp3Tag script discussion to it’s own topic.


To recap: I haven’t had to change the script for previous error 400s to subside. Usually it’s anywhere between 0-15 min (and in rarer cases up to 1 day) to be able to tag a release I’ve just added to the database. The 2 week old release mentioned a couple posts above is the first I’ve found that’s remained unindexed.

Indexed vs direct web search for "Elevations (Special Remastered Edition)".

I think especially the direct release ID search you showed above is a rather clear indication that this release is not indexed at all. I don’t know much about the server search, though, so just my outside opinion. @yvanzo might know more.