Newbie questions: Don Pullen & George Adams

I’m brand new here and looking at the entry for Breakthrough by the Don Pullen/George Adams Quartet ( ) which prompts a few questions:

  1. There’s a ‘hidden’ track of sorts, unlisted on the back cover, but on the CD itself it is correctly titled “The Necessary Blues (Or Thank You Very Much, Mr. Monk)”. The release entry shows the track as “Untitled” but linked to a recording entry with the title. I updated the track title to match the recording. Is that okay?

  2. The sort name is currently “Don Pullen-George Adams Quartet, The”, which I think is wrong. From the style guide examples, my best guess is: “Pullen, Don/Adams, George, Quartet, The”. Thoughts?

  3. To further confuse matters, this exact same group is listed on other recordings as the George Adams/Don Pullen Quartet (seemingly at record company whim). Is this a candidate for merging?