Newbie editor help wanted: what to do with an invalid release

I’m a new editor. This release group: Release group “Higher & Higher” by Yehuda - MusicBrainz has two releases; one is correct (10 tracks) and the other is completely wrong (1 track, duration = the entire album). I know that in general it’s better to merge than to delete, but I’m not sure what I should do here, as the tracks on the invalid release don’t correspond fully to the proper release (missing tracks 2-10) and I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t be appending it, obviously! Is it best to just delete the incorrect release?


Edit history is odd… can’t see any real history for it at all? So you are likely correct it is duff.

What I would do is convert it to 10 tracks by copy\pasting the track list from the real release.

In the duff release, add nine more tracks, then use the Track Parser to copy the track list from the real release.

Wait a week for that change to kick in (or hope for a friendly AE to okay the changes).

Then merge the now padded out duff release into the real one.

There is a general rule of “never delete, always merge”. Even when something is an obvious mess like this.

It is not even really necessary to give the padding tracks real names or link to any recordings. The only thing really needed is to pad it out to the same number of tracks as the release it will be merged into.

I notice you have created a lot of other releases under that artist and notes as “my personal rip”. If these are rips of CDs, then please set the medium type to CD. Or whatever it is you ripped them from. :slight_smile: