New Virtual Machine Instance - stale data

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I successfully installed a freshly downloaded virtual instance a few days ago, running in VirtualBox on Windows 10. Seems to be working fine. Noticed that under ‘Statistics’ on the home page is was dated April 2016. Configured with a key for replication, ran ‘bin/replicate start’ and now the Statistics page update is 05/22/16. Interestingly the mirror shows the same 05/22/16 date.

Question is simply how to update to the latest?

Maybe this blog post helps to clear things up.

Perfect - thank you. In reading the comments it seems as though re-indexing crashes. Any idea if this is still an issue? Perhaps that’s why is still stuck on 05/22/16

Looking back at the virtual machine I downloaded from:

It seems it’s dated


Where is the latest build of the virtual machine or is that something I have to do from GitHub source?

I’m one of the comment writer and I have not found a working solution for the search index problem, it is still an issue.

Would be nice if the developers could tell us an ETA for the release of the new VM with the schema change, Postgres-SQL DB update and with a working search server index.