New user - trying to add myself as an artist - help

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Hi Metabrainz family
Ive been having great difficulty navigating the database to set myself up as an Artist and then add our various releases… i had originally got myself as an artist added that was searchable and then spent some time adding releases and i can see from my edit history that some of the edits were accepted but im no longer a searchable artist and the releases are also not searchable… im clearly doing something wrong here and could really use some help :smile:
We’re getting some BBC Radio airplay and i understand they use this database to complete their track information and so currently all our airplay is being attributed to someone else with the same artist name - obviously wanting to rectify this
Thanks in advance


Yeah, it looks like all the artist and release entities were deleted for some reason (list of creation edits here, I’m pretty sure). I tried looking around to see if I could figure out why, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to filter for arbitrary text in the edit search – it requires the MB ID, which we obviously don’t have any more. Anyone with better knowledge of low-level database queries want to try to find something?

I could be wrong, but I don’t think we have a way of reverting edits, especially deletions, even if we could find them. Your best bet is probably going to be to just recreate everything, but it would be nice if we could figure out why they were deleted before so they don’t just get removed again. I don’t see any reason it should have happened, though, so you’ll probably be fine to go ahead on the redo.


Artists with no information get removed.
I only mention this because - if you added yourself, but forgot to add yourself to the band or album, you would be removed.


@justcheckingitout He added releases to the artist, so it shouldn’t have been removed.

Looking at the rew edit data and googling the musicbrainz artist ID I stumbled upon this: It looks like the submissions haven’t been added successfully to mb.


I just reviewed the edit history.
I don’t see any information for verification - a webpage, a barcode, etc.


I was unclear from reading his post (before I checked his edit history) if he added himself in addition to adding the band.


Seems like the artist was removed by ModBot in edit #47085357, which means the artist was empty at the time. Looking up applied “remove release” edits between the @Rukus_Riddims’s first added release and when the artist was removed, it appears @Senax was the one removing the releases:

Seems pretty clear that he did add himself. :slight_smile: (There’s no band.)


@Freso oh that is a clever way to find removed stuff! I wonder if the fact that the releases were empty is related to the ticket I posted (which looks like it’s created by the same editor) or if they have been submitted without any errors just empty.