New user seeking guidance on new listing

Still new. Still figuring some stuff out.
Here is the situation —

Already posted to the site, there are two “digital only” short albums. Same title, one says Volume one, another says Volume two.

A few years later, they released both albums on one CD - under a slightly altered title.
Only the title and cover art has changed. All songs are exactly the same, even in the same track order. There were no remixing, or re-recording. It was simply released on one CD instead of two separate digital releases.

How should I go about added the CD version?

First I would add a new release for the CD version and reuse track listing of both already posted releases (see the tab “Existing medium” in the “Add Medium” dialog box).
Then I would link both already posted release groups to the new release group for that new release using relationship “included in” (see the button “Add relationship” in the release group editor).


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