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Can I post a CD that I am looking for?

By posting… you mean, putting the name of the album here on the forums? As in, “Hey, I don’t see Merry Christmas by John Smith on your site”.

Or do you mean something else?


Your question is fairly vague.

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Yes, I want to post that I am looking to purchase a CD Single by my favorite band. Is that allowed?

Are you looking for an online store to purchase it or are you looking to buy it used from a member? Either way, I can’t see how it would hurt. It might not be the best place for it, though. Just to be perfectly clear, it wouldn’t be okay to ask for illegal download links.

I’ve been searching online stores for months trying ti find it. It is not available as a download, it is a CD Single. Thank you for the reply, I’ll go ahead and post it.

MB is more of an informational site.
If you are looking to purchase something, perhaps Discogs would be better? That is their purpose, afterall - used album marketplace.


You are very welcome to add your favorite band and their CDs to the Musicbrainz database too, if you’d like.