Want to buy this this CD Single


Shooting Star
Christmas Together
1 Track
paperboard sleeve
Touch Me Tonight - The Best of Shooting Star

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It could be a promotion disc (for press).


Here is where you could buy this CD from (if it was available): https://www.discogs.com/Shooting-Star-Christmas-Together/release/11915200 (it’s a promo indeed as suspected, thus very rare, you should rather buy the above compilation).


Thank you, I am the one who submitted that to discogs. It is very difficult to find!


Why don’t you just get the compilation that contains this recording? Or an album, maybe?
A 1 track promo CD is the least convenient thing I know. :slight_smile:


You obviously don’t understand the completionist mind-set. :grin:


I have the compilation CD. I just want to own the promo CD, lol.


You are correct, I am a completionist!